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Herman Munster Stats
Herman  Munster
"I wish Grandpa were here and maybe he'd get one of my good ideas."

Name: Herman Munster

Age: 150

Made (Not Born): In Germany in a laboratory built by a Dr. Frankenstein, whose hobby was putting together do-it-yourself people kits.  Herman left Germany at an early age and was adopted in England by a family named Munster.

Appearance: Size 26C shoe; seven-foot-three frame; one brown eye and one chartreuse; steel bolts neck; green complexion; ears do not match; lantern jaw; five-inch-long, lightning-bolt shaped beauty mark on forehead.

Ability: Telling juvenile jokes ("I just invented something to keep the inside of my car quiet. It fits right over her mouth." Or "My family is in the iron and steel business. My mother irons and my father steals.")

Education: Matriculated at Heidelberg University Medical School for six years-in several different jars.

Occupation: Employee at funeral home, Gateman Goodbury & Graves. (His boss, Mr. Gateman, says: "He's one of the few people at the parlor who don't lie down on the job.")

Preferences: Huckleberry Hound and Pat Boone albums (enrolled in fan club.)

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