The Munster Television Show
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The Munsters F.A.Q. F.A.Q.
Here are some frequently asked questions answered by Butch Patrick:
  • Original air dates were from September 1964 to June 1966 at Universal Studios in California.
  • 3 feature movies were made of "The Munsters".
  • 1980's television series called "Munsters Today" was produced.
  • Cast members deceased:
  • "Herman Munster" played by Fred Gwynne (died 7/2/1993 at age 66)
  • "Lily Munster" played by Yvonne De Carlo (died 1/8/2007 at age 84)
  • "Grandpa" played Al Lewis (died 2/3/2006 at age 82)
  • Cast members living:
  • "Marilyn" played by Beverly Owen in 1964 on 13 episodes. Lives in Vermont.
  • "Marilyn" played by Pat Priest from 1965-1966 on 57 episodes. Lives in Idaho.
  • "Eddie Munster" played by Butch Patrick. Lives in Missouri.
  • "Herman Munster" was 7' tall in wardrobe and make up.
  • Fred Gwynne was 6'6.5" tall without wardrobe boots.
  • The original "Munster Koach" is in a private museum in Miami, Florida.
  • The original "Dragula" missing from Planet Hollywood in Atlantic City, New Jersey 2005.
  • Both cars were the first hotrods on television.
  • Butch Patrick's Munster Tribute Cars are replicas built by Rucker Posey of Richmond, Virginia.
  • The original "Woof Woof" doll was created by Mike Westmore.
  • "The Munsters" was the most heavily merchandised television show ever.
  • The original "Eddie Munster" chain link bike was created and built by Von Dutch and George Barris. It is the world's most valuable Stingray bike.


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