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Edward Wolfgang Munster
Eddie Munster
"Gee, I don't wanna go to bed yet, It's still dark out."

Full Name: Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster

Age: Nine or ten

Appearance: "Ordinary" child who wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit (he only owns one) and carries a doll; dark hair with widow's peak, pointed "Spocklike" ears, and minifangs: usually green around the gills.

Abilities: Opens tin cans with his ears.

Education: Enrolled in fifth grade at the Mocking Bird Heights Elementary School.

Achievements: Wrote school composition titled "My Parents, an Average American Family" (written in blood ink); won several ribbons for track competition at school.

Preferences: Carrying Woof-Woof doll and sleeping in a coffin.

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