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Welcome to is the official online home of the
classic television show The Munsters!

Welcome to the website!  Here you wil find everything you ever wanted to know about America's First Family of Fright! is brought to you directly by Munsters star, Butch Patrick, who played the part of the iconic Eddie Munster on the series.

At you will find: Munsters News, Cast and Character Bios, Munsters Merchandise, Munsters Trivia, and MORE!  Be sure to check back often, as we will be expanding the site on an ongoing basis with fun new content, great deals on Munsters memorabilia, and a few suprises!


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Munster Memories - SOLD OUT!

Butch Patrick and fans will reminisce about their love of The Munsters with Munster’s Memories.  The book includes interesting facts about the show plus never seen before art and photos.

Did you know Fred Gwynne was a great actor but he was also a tremendous children’s book writer and artist?  We take a look at his award winning books.

Personal testimonials by fans, collectors, and the actors themselves.  A look at the Munster’s house and cars along with the replicas and haunted house attractions.  That little Munsters toy you have hidden in the attic may be worth a lot. The book will have an in  depth look at Munster’s collectibles and comics.

Munster Memories will be a hard cover book and over 150 pages in color with a full color cover.  Each book will be signed by Butch (Eddie Munster) Patrick and Pat (Marilyn Munster) Priest.  Each book will contain a limited edition sketch.


Paper Back Edition is Coming Soon!

Hello my friends!!

It's been awhile since I've written my blog. I'm such a slow typist it's not my favorite thing to do. Anyway lots to catch up on. As you probably no I'm now the proud owner of the finest Munster Tribute cars in existence. The Koach  & Dragula too. I did a launch at Daytona Dodge with great success. Now I'm in Richmond and will head south soon. Thanks to everyone who've helped in bookings and development. I can't believe I've got the whole deal in one unit. Cars, Go Kart, Barris/Von Dutch Sting Ray and more.  Now about the book. What an up and down experience. It came out better than I imagined. Stories, memories and pics are all great. Down side was 80 books were lost in transit. Poof!!! Never  to be seen again. Had to reprint and resign all. In China of all places. I will say this they DO copy well. As good as the original book. So at a 119.00 it's a bit pricey but, with only 100 printed and two autographs and a Munster selfie #'d artwork signed it's a fair price. 88 are gone and after the last 12 sell I'm going to paperback. About 25 bucks. Next to catch up on is my health and sobriety. Almost 52 months. Huge progress in many ways. Helping people by example is the way for me. Many people follow my path and I have had the pleasure of steering many into recovery. The next two years I'll be criss crossing the country and visiting as many cities as possible. My FB friends are actually helping me by finding potential stops in their areas. My schedule is posted here on the site and the video explains the event. Another bit of good news was I didn't require surgery on what I thought was a hernia. YAYE!! Got some good feedback from my Comic Book Men and Beverly Hills Pawn visits. Still developing the Macon,Mo grandmas house show. My Dead Mans Curve Car Club show is being developed over at Discovery. Even without the shows I'm going to be so busy with the "Tour" It's a lot of work transporting a 32 ft trailer full of 15K lbs of Munster memorabilia. But when it all is out it looks AWESOME!! I couldn't be happier. One more thing, a show I'm involved with as well, Macabre Theater is on the You too America everywhere. Check out my dear friend er fiend. The very sexy Ivonna Cadaver and me. PLUS the new Roku Scare it movie making project. I'm really happy to be working with Dale and Andrea over in DC. Just booked a down under film festival in Melbourne in November.  I guess that is enough to keep you in the loop. I'm sober, busy, healthy, working on wealthy and somewhat wise. ALOT better than I was a few years ago for SURE!!!

Peace and Love to you and yours,


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Meet Munsters Star Butch Patrick in Person!
July 13-16 Antique Show - Brimfield, MA
Aug 13-16 Woodward Dream Cruise Fermdale, MI
Aug 28-30 Wheels of Time Car Show - Macungie, PA
Sept 11-13 ScareFest - Lexington KY
Sept 27 Cradle of Aviation with Pat Priest - Long Island, NY
Oct 3 Zombie Fest - Chesapeake VA
Oct 7-11 Halloween Gala - Angel City GA
Oct 16-18 Mil Spec Convention - Indianapolis
Oct 17 (night) Dayton Ohio The Haunted Garage MS fundraiser
Oct 22-25 Night Risers Film Festival and Art Expo. Thomas Dairy Farm Haunted Events Paintball
Oct 30-31 & Nov 1 Spooky Empire - Orlando, FL
Nov 7-8 San Diego, CA
Nov 13-15 Living Dead Con - Portland, OR
Nov 19 - 29 Film fest and Supanova Australia - Melbourne / Adelaide Features Feature: Meet The Munsters Feature: Eddie Munster Fan Pack
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